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Все возможно, детка Ben Elton

Все возможно, детка

Ben Elton

Published 2004
ISBN : 9785901582534
656 pages
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 About the Book 

The international bestseller that inspired the movie Maybe Baby.Birds do it. Bees do it. Why cant Sam and Lucy?When Lucy first suggested they make a baby, Sam was gung ho --after all, sleeping with his wife is one of Sams favorite things to do. Then out came the thermometers, followed by the holistic home remedies -- not to mention some humiliating bouts with specimen jars. Soon Lucys demands are driving Sam out of his mind. That is, until Sam conceives a plan of his own: Hell write a screenplay based on his and Lucys poignant (and often uproarious) efforts to conceive a child. It could be a big hit. It might even make Sams career. Or cost him his marriage . . .From the award-winning author of Popcorn and Blast from the Past comes this hilarious and heartbreaking new novel --a provocative two-sided look at one couples inconceivable dilemma. From sperm that swim backward to aromatherapy run amok, procreation for Lucy and Sam has turned into a grisly little war. But if Lucy feels barren as the Sahara, and Sam thinks his gay friends will be fathers before he is, theyre about to have yet another problem on their hands: saving the love that once was everything they had. . . .